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Q. Does your water purifier REMOVE micro-organisms from water?

Most water purifiers either kill or inactivate micro organisms present in water by using chemicals or Ultra Violet radiation. ultrafiltration membrane filter micro-organisms including their floating dead bodies, cysts and spores from your drinking water by physically filtering them out through a membrane.

Q. Does it remove turbidity from water?

Water supply in monsoon is very turbid and water borne diseases are at its peak in monsoons. Membrane is the only method for removing turbidity from water. No other water purifying technology can boast of it.

Q. Does it remove colloids from water?

Colloids, which lead to dental problems, can be removed only by membrane. Ultrafiltration membrane is a membrane based water purifier.

Q. Does it use electricity for purification?

When you use Ultra Violet based water purifiers, you have to depend on electricity. Ultrafiltration membrane works on overhead tank pressure; so does not require electricity for purifying water.

Q. Does it use any chemicals or additives for purification?

When you use chemical filter, you consume extra iodine everyday, which itself is a health hazard. Ultrafiltration membrane does not use any chemicals for purifying water.

Q. Does it have any operating cost?

There is no operating cost of Ultrafiltration membrane as it does not consume electricity but works on overhead tank pressure.

Q. Does it have any maintenance cost?

There are no electronics or mechanical parts in Ultrafiltration membrane and hence maintenance cost is minimal. As it is easy to maintain, you do not need to enter into maintenance contracts.

Q. your water purifier fool proof ? Does it give 100% pure water all the time?

Ultrafiltration membrane is fool proof because water passes through a membrane whose pore size is so small that no bacteria or virus can pass through it. Till Ultrafiltration membrane gives water, the water is 100% pure and safe.

Q. Does it use any chemicals or additives for purification?

Ultrafiltration membrane works on the same principle used by nature to absorb purified water from dirty subsoil water eg. coconut water. Hence water purified by Ultrafiltration membrane tastes natural.

Q. Does your water taste natural after passing through your water purifier?

Water passing through membrane will look sparkling clear because it removes all colloides impurities from water.

Q. Is there any cumbersome operation involved in Reverse Osmosis system?

No, the system is provided with controls so that it is a fit and forget system. Our trained service staff will periodically attend to your unit to ensure its smooth performance.

Q. How is Reverse Osmosis system different from a resin based softener process?

Under no circumstances can you drink resin softened water. Softeners convert hardness which is in the form of Calcium and Magnesium into Sodium. There is no reduction in the total salt content of the water. Softened water is good for washing clothes, preventing scaling in your geyser and washing machines. But under no circumstances it can be used for drinking or cooking.

Q. Difference between conventional Ultra Violet Purifiers and Reverse Osmosis water Purifier?

Ultra Violet water purifier only inactivate microbes, that too they cannot remove protozoan cysts of amoebae and giardia. Also it does not reduce salt content of water while reverse osmosis water purifiers can virtually make any water potable. reverse osmosis purifier gives you sweet, pure and safe drinking water eliminating the harmful chemicals, microbes and excess salt and hardness from the water

Q. Difference between the Permionics Ultrafiltration Membrane and Reverse Osmosis water purifier?

The Ultrafiltration Membrane water purifier (based on Ultrafiltration membrane technology) filter bacteria, cysts, viruses as well as colloidal impurities, but cannot filter dissolved salts from water